Infiniti ECO range: an electrified future, connected and autonomous

Mas que Salud attended this morning to the presentation of the new Infiniti ECO range cars at the Grupo Marcos Automoción Infiniti center in Alicante.

Ana Espadas test drive


Ana Espadas, head of our magazine, had the opportunity to test drive one of their cars, and the sensations cannot be better. She has enjoyed the three driving modes, which this range offers; the sport mode, which was fun to drive on curvy roads, the eco mode, ideal for browsing, and normal mode, perfect for daily use.

Infiniti has several models in different segments always betting on efficiency, but without neglecting the newest technologies. We have been able to see it in first-hand and we loved them!

The CEO of Infiniti Spain, Agustín Álvarez de las Asturias and Alberto Díaz Domingo, the Head of Marketing of Infiniti Spain, announced that starting in 2021 onwards, all Infiniti models will be electrified. While in 2025 more than half of their sales will be electrified vehicles, which are not fully electric. It is expected that electrified vehicles could reach 33% of the market in Europe in the year 2022 (compared to the current 5%) *.

But there is still more, because by 2030 the Japanese brand believes that robotic autonomous driving will be strongly implemented.

They are already working with their ProPilot 2 systems, which includes autonomous driving in several lanes on the highway, overtaking and passing through tolls.

Infiniti currently uses the Propilot 1 system that includes adaptive cruise control in a single lane, controls that decelerate and accelerate.

Currently the Infiniti ECO range in our country consists of the models: Infiniti Q30 1.6 t, Infiniti Q30 2.0t, Infiniti QX30 2.0t, Infiniti Q50 3.5 h and the Infiniti Q60 2.0t and 3.0t.

These are some of the aspects that we would highlight from the Infiniti ECO range:

1. Gas emissions: aware of the environment

All Infiniti’s hybrid and gasoline engines comply with the new EU emission regulations, allowing infinity to be prepare for the future of electrification in the automotive industry.

As we said at the beginning, starting in 2021, Infiniti plans to offer a combination of pure electric vehicles (EV) and extended-range electric vehicles to complete a range of cars with low-emission technology.

2. Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS): driver assistance technologies

A precursor technology for future management systems, which represents a key element to achieve full autonomous driving. The Direct Adaptive Steering system electronically transmits the response of the driver on the steering wheel to the front wheels with unique precision. With three electronic control units and tested for more than 400,000 km, this system provides maximum security for the Infiniti Q50 users.

Infiniti Q.50

3. Digital dynamic suspension

The new electronic shock absorbers regulate the damping force to create a smooth and firm control. In addition, the system filters unwanted feedback from the suspension to reduce road noise and minimize low-level vibration.

4. Acceleration

After INFINITI established a Guinness World Record with a 100% hybrid vehicle for all Infiniti cars.

The Hybrid Q50 takes advantage of electric power to offer an acceleration force typically seen in racing cars. The Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid® system elevates the user driving experience, resulting in a performance similar to sporty engines.

After testing the Infiniti Q30 2.0t, we share our first impressions with you, although we admit that it has been difficult to choose between all the models within the range.

Infiniti ECO range: key elements of our Infiniti Q30 2.0t car

-This car offers an exceptional driving and operating conditions. Not only is it comfortable, it is also prepared for all kinds of scenarios, thanks to its dimensions and the intuitive technologies that incorporates.

-In terms of driving, the impression of lightness and agility makes it easier to control when driving through the city, reducing driver stress while driving, while the progressive increase of resistance fosters the confidence of the driver.

-Another of the important aspects that we would like to highlight, as a specialized health centre, is the seat support. It adapts to the curvature of the spine, offering a uniform vertebral support that minimizes the pressure on the back muscles.

First of all, safety and comfort!

-In addition, thanks to the intelligent parking assistance system with 360º peripheral vision camera and moving objects detector, the Q30 is one of the easiest cars to park in the high-end compact vehicle segment.

-Finally, and focusing again on a safety and health aspect, the concept of Safety Shield in addition to warning of potential dangers, helps to avoid possible collisions and to protect both the driver and his passengers.

In short, a great experience which we would love to repeat.

By the way, thanks to Infiniti and Grupo Marcos Automoción for this gift containing ecological products from the province of Alicante, we loved it!


*ACEA 27 (2011-2016) + HIS 28countries (2017-2022) December 2016 sales forecast database

Cover Picture: Ana Espadas

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