Hydration at work during summer

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Water is the source of primary fluid, but many of the drinks that usually consume as juices, soft drinks, milk, coffee and tea, among many others, are over 85% water, a source of hydration.

Variety also helps improve the intake of micronutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes. The reasons for choosing one or another depend on the subject: for example, when you are tired you opt for a caffeinated beverage, sports drinks besides moisturizing help restore energy expenditure and fruit juices provide important nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants .

Many factors such as increased workload, stress, travel to work, air conditioning, affect the functioning of the body and increase the loss of water, even when don’t sweat.

If we drink the appropriate amounts workplace, we will be perfectly hydrated throughout the day.

It is recommended to implement habits that ensure fluid intake at work, as do small breaks, easy access to drinks or even installing vending machines that allow workers often drink.

31% of respondents admitted that usually drink coffee, soft drinks 17% and less than 10% juice or tea, the rest usually drink water.

It is estimated that the total water we drink usually comes 20% from 80% food and beverages (all kinds, not just water). This can vary depending on the type of diet that keeps everyone.

EHI has done a study through a survey of the general Spanish population working today to learn more about their daily habits of hydration. The result has been surprising and put us on alert: while 88% of employees know the effects that can cause dehydration (fatigue, headache or trouble concentrating), only 3 in 10 are informed of the importance of drinking fluids to stay at a good level of hydration at work.

95% of workers said drinking something during the day. The EHI emphasizes the importance of maintaining hydration habits at work to feel less tired, increase the ability to concentrate and reduce the headache.

The amount of liquid should eat depends on many factors, such as diet, the lifestyle, age and physical activity.

In Professor opinion. Lluís Serra-Majem, member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Hydration Institute and Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Las Palmas: “It is important to drink fluids every two hours throughout the day.” “Some people mistakenly drink one or more liters of water in the morning on an empty stomach and then just drink throughout the day,” explains Professor Serra-Majem. “Clearly, when we got up we need to replenish fluids because we are in a situation of mild to moderate dehydration. But excess water or liquid to drink the urine excretáremos quickly. ” “It is therefore important to drink about every two hours, whether or not we feel thirsty, to achieve a state of adequate hydration for health, well-being and physical and mental performance,” he concludes the expert.

Hydration and Benefits

Maintaining proper hydration is important for the proper functioning of the brain. When we are hydrated brain cells receive oxygenated blood and brain remains alert. Mild dehydration, which lead water loss, lead to a reduction in body mass between 1% to 2% can affect the ability to concentrate. A loss of more than 2% of body weight by hydration can not affect the processing capability of the brain and short term memory.

It is key to breaks at work and at home, to encourage fluid intake and energy supply, for example in a part-physical intensity and little hot environment, the equivalent of eight / ten glasses of fluid every day is a good reference for healthy eating.

Más Que Salud encourages you to start a routine, short breaks to hydrate and be able to perform in your job, if you are at least 600 ml man. 3 0 4 shots, and if you are female 800 ml .If your physical activity is greater and work outdoors in extreme temperatures, as we are experiencing this summer, you should significantly increase the intake of liquids.

Espacio publicitario

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