Penis Size, what is considered normal?

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The penis size is a problem that is of concern to many men, do I have a “normal” size ? How do I fulfill my partner? Does the sex would be better with a penis bigger?

Dr. Bartholomé Lloret, urologist, often receives visits in its consultation of men that are wondering precisely by this, do I have a “normal” size ? There are quite a few tv ads, publications or radio messages where are advertised to blazing “solutions” to lengthen the size of the penis (insert here the option … Pads, free weights, pills, exercises), and all this with the goal of “settle once and for all any relationship problem that we have in bed “… not forgetting, of course, the “wonderful” results that promise if you do or how well you will feel after … “I, to my … I do not know the other, but i like big”, this ensures one of the women that is showcased in the announcement of a popular gadget to”lengthen thesize of the penis and increase its thickness”.

For this reason we have asked the Dr. Lloret on this matter, to answer all of these men that have ever been raised this same question, what is considered “normal”?:

-Do penis lengthening of yes or no?

Depends on. If the urologist examines the case and indicates the need to correct a defect if, the surgery and the liposuction will be also the most effective procedures. However, there is very little scientific support and no medical organization accredited approves the surgery of the penis for purely cosmetic reasons. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to techniques that we see advertised, as most are ineffective and some can be harmful.

-Have a small penis, do a physical or psychological problem?

We have widely demonstrated that the vast majority of patients who are thinking about having a small penis are totally wrong. The fear of not being able to sexually satisfy your partner or the feeling of inferiority that originates the wanting to be compared with other male leads man to seek solutions that indiscriminately in the majority of cases end in failure or what is worse in lesions that can be irreversible.

-What is considered a penis “normal”?

The European average of a normal penis is between 8 to 13 cm in a state of floppiness and between 13 and 18 cm in a state of erection. Complex of “small penis”

-When a patient “may” be a treatment?

From a medical point of view would be justified only treat those patients whose penis in a state of flaccidity is smaller than 8 cm.

-What are the most popular products to increase the penis size?

It could be said that there are four methods fairly widespread: the pills and creams, vacuum pumps, stretching and the substances that are entered under the skin of the member.

-The pills and creams: typically contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones. None of these products have been approved by health with this indication and some can be harmful.

-Vacuum Pumps: cylinders that are placed on the penis causing a negative pressure that it facilitates the entry of blood into the corpora cavernosa, used occasionally for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, are of no use to achieve lengthen the muscles corpora cavernosa.

-Stretching: used traction apparatus that stretch the muscles of the penis. These instruments very disclosed on the Internet can get lengthen the penis between 1.5 and 2 cm after many days and many hours every day to carry a constant traction, uncomfortable and dangerous because not only will stretch the muscles but also the nervous structures that can finish causing loss of sensitivity and capacity of erection.

-Substances that are inserted under the skin of the penis: are sold as products to increase the thickness. Whether they are synthetic substances such as the patient’s own fat is a matter of procedure absolutely deprecated, not only by the sometimes irreversible deformities that cause but by infections and necrosis that occurring.

Effective Techniques

-What techniques are recommended to lengthen the penis?

There are two ways to lengthen the penis, and the liposuction surgery, depending on the patient’s case. Surgery is the only valid procedure to achieve lengthen the penis, never for aesthetics, but when we are treating patients with a real problem that affects a unsatisfactory sexual relationship.

On the other hand, there is a liposuction, eliminate the suprapubic fat for those patients who have excess fat can prevent a effect of burial of the penis. With liposuction manages to improve aesthetically without injuring any structure.


Espacio publicitario

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