Danger behind the wheel? Check if you use proper sunglasses

Although it may seem incredible 20% of drivers never wears sunglasses when driving, surprised?

If we review the latest data-related accident in Spain (2013) the accident more common is head-on collision in roads of double meaning (20 %) or scope behind if it is on highways or freeways, while 16% of the accidents is per output of the road and the 2% by outrage. In addition, we know that 5% of the accidents in our country they happen by glare in the twilight hours (at dawn or dusk).

The use of sunglasses is highly recommended, what are the reasons? Help us to not strain our eyes, in addition to reducing the risk of glare or temporary blindness in the central hours of the day. The Spanish Association of trainers in road safety, Formaster, reminds us of the main objective of the use of goggles, increase our road safety.

Choose the best sunglasses, find out how!

However few drivers know and know which are the best sunglasses for driving. The first thing to remember is the use of sunglasses approved and with polarized glasses, labelled with the CE symbol. AND is that the goggles that have different degrees of absorption of the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) and with this are recommended at different times. Thanks to the polarized glasses will have sharper vision, disappear the annoying flashes that can arise from any item in the pavement (the signals or our own car) and avoid visual fatigue. “Just like that it is dangerous to drive in rain or fog, driving with the sun is equal or more dangerous, because you lose the vision of what you have in front, which extends the risk to have an accident,” explains Anselmo walled, President of Formaster.

What are the sunglasses more recommendable to lead?

In the market there is a classification of five types of sunglasses according to their sunscreen. On the one hand are the filter glasses solar 4, i.e. with more than 92% of UV absorption, which are recommended for boating and skiing and its use in driving is prohibited and punishable. Sunglasses with solar filter 3, and a absorption of 82 to 91 %, and that are ideal for drivers in sunny days of summer or high mountain areas or to the beach. Those sunglasses that have a absorption of 56% to 80% of UV rays, i.e. solar filter 2, are perfect for sunny days of fall and winter when we have a luminosity half and the sun is not so strong and direct. Sunglasses with protection 1 and an index less than 56 %, are for cloudy days or in low luminosity. Therefore in the summer it is advisable to wear sunglasses with crystals that have a absorption of ultraviolet rays between the 80 and 90 %.

If i had to search for the best glass for our sunglasses this must be the most natural possible and always recommend crystals gray or bluish tonality or brown. Are these crystals that are least distort the natural colors so you can always see correctly the colors of the signs, traffic lights or indicators of other cars as brake lights or turn signals. The sunglasses may not be used in night driving or in long tunnels because it makes us lose visual acuity.

Although if we have to ensure that there is a problem and is at the exit of the tunnels that if they are poorly lit we can have a strong glare to the output by the arrival of a glare or situation of temporary blindness for a few seconds until the eye adapts to the new situation of luminosity.

10 Tips to avoid a glare

1. For lead used polarized sunglasses with crystals of bluish color.

2. When you shine the sun keep the vehicle trajectory and speed decrease. Never ever coup.

3. If you’re driving with the sun and you dazzle it is recommended that you stop and wait five minutes for the Sun changes direction.

4. If you are driving many hours with high luminosity or with sun reduces your speed and stops scheduled for resting your eyes.

5. Collaborates with the people who come from the front using the low-beam to have a new reference. It is a way for the drivers see you better if they have the sun.

6. Purchase the glasses in optical and shops approved where will recommend the glasses best suited for you.

7. The sunshield must always be extensible and tumble or moveable but its use should be only in some moments of great glare because we removed field of vision.

8. Never driving with sunglasses at night or in dark areas such as the tunnels.

9. Ten clean the front windows. The debris increases the risk that we have glare and reduces our field of vision.

10. Take care of your eyes at all times. Attends annually a review eye by an ophthalmologist.

Let the wheel caution! 😉

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