Clínica San Román: Minimal Invasive foot surgery 

9 February, 2017 0

Modern surgery is moving towards less invasive techniques, which usually involves faster recovery, with fewer complications. The medical-podiatry team of the Clínica San Román has over 35 years’ experience performing bunions surgery, using a modified technique […]

Morton’s Metatarsalgia

31 January, 2017 0

We call “Metatarsalgia” to the pain located in the front of the feet, that is, in the area corresponding to the metatarsal support and fingers.

FacoElche 2017, pure ophthalmology

27 January, 2017 0

FacoElche 2017 will show the first scientific results on the color change of the artificial iris and cornea Dr. Fernando Soler heads the nineteenth edition of this renowned annual Ophthalmology appointment around the country’s most […]