2017: El año de la ginecología

2017: The year of gynecology

19 January, 2017 0

Spanish women in the European Union are the ones who give birth to their first child at a more mature age (33 years on average). This tendency, on the rise, is already being noticed in […]

Acupuncture for menopausal symptoms

13 January, 2017 0

Menopause is a biological natural process in woman´s life, it happens between the forty’s and sixty’s and marks the end of menstrual cycles due to the reduction of female hormone’s production.

Eating well is more than having nice waistline

Psychology and healthy mind
9 January, 2017 0

Eating well and having a nice waistline can help you in the future, keeping a low level of sugar in your diet would help your brain.Keeping Blood Sugar Low May Protect Memory too. Being overweight […]

Incluye proteínas vegetales y legumbres en tu dieta todo el año.

Vegetable protein all year round on your diet

Food and nutrition
4 January, 2017 0

Vegetable proteins and why include them in your diet also on special dates As Rocío Río de la Loza, Health Coach and expert in nutrition, vegetable proteins are indispensable in our body. All proteins are […]